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NB- for corporate sponsorship of my April 2023 Everest expedition, please contact me directly via

email or phone 0429 440 216.


I would like to firstly thank so much all the wonderful people and organisations who have taken an interest in and begun to support my dream to climb and my fundraising goals. My hope is that, with

your support, we can make a significant difference to MS research and the lives of underprivileged children in Nepal.


If you would like to donate financially towards the extensive travel or equipment expenses, you can do

so through the donate tab, if you would like to donate equipment as a corporate or business sponsor then please get in touch via the Contact Me tab. 

While my MS does not presently impact my physical movement abilities, it does impact my capacities

in less visible ways, and one of these is my cold tolerance- when I can keep myself warm, I function

at my best, and so keeping my body well insulated will be important to ensure my own wellbeing and

safety. If you view the equipment list you will see that there is an extensive number of high end and expensive insulating and warming items, and I am particularly hoping for sponsorship and/or financial assistance to help kit me out so I’ll stay warm and well!!

You can download the detailed equipment & expense list here.

As I began to truly bring this dream to life, I realised that, much as I love to adventure independently, in a journey like this, and as a woman with MS, the support of others is essential. 

I have called my journey MS Adventure, as, in addition to fundraising for MS research, within this name is a play on words that represents the important role of supporters. There is a fine line between adventure and misadventure. When the i is removed from the word misadventure, msadventure remains. The removal of the i, to me, represents a shift from venturing alone to being courageous in asking for support in order to fulfill one’s dreams and goals. 


Recognising when we may start to need more support and asking for this when living with an illness is not easy! There was a time when I once would have felt confident to embark on a journey of this magnitude without asking for much, if any support. I realise now that to fulfill this dream will take a lot more! From stopping work completely to enable me the time to devote to planning, training and fundraising (at one point I was working full time averaging about 50 hours a week, completing two Masters degrees and raising my three children!) to asking others to help with tasks such as writing and IT, I am learning how to ask for support!

And a special thankyou to the following:

My mum, Kerry Willis, for your financial support this year so I can follow this dream, and your ongoing love, care and friendship!


My partner, Ken Lowe, for being my cheerleader!! 


My children, Charlotte, Flynn and Tyler, for always believing in your mumma!! 

Rob Devling, for gifting me your time and expertise to help with my website writing


Marcus Halberstrum, for passing on some of your pre-loved gear

Jane Robertson, for loaning me much of the gear I need


Vast Outdoors, Mont, Paddy Pallin and Bogong for assisting with clothing and equipment

Raffle prize donors- Simon Carter, Olivia Hickey, Mantecado Cafe, The Black Olive, Jonah's

Restaurant and Bouotique Hotel, Canopus Farms, Karma Studio, Lee and Tony James, Ripe Cafe, James Tsakalos, Illuka Retreat


For gifting the beautiful photos of me used in this website


For gifting me  IT and remedial massage support


For gifting myself and my son a membership to help me train


For gifting me a generous discount on your Alpine Academy


For helping me to start to work out how to fundraise



For gifting me 10 free sessions to train


For gifting me your generous website help


For gifting me the chance to join any of your programs


For coordinating an upcoming fundraiser

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