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I love connecting with people, love telling a story, and love inspiring others to pursue their dreams and live an authentic life. I would be delighted for the opportunity to come and talk to your organisation, school or group about life with MS, about my current adventure and about pursuing one’s dreams!

In addition to spending 2022 pursuing my dream, I have spent over 25 years working in education and educational leadership in Australia and internationally. I have worked in primary and secondary education in roles ranging from classroom and subject teacher through to Principal of a Buddhist-inspired primary school, and many exciting and unique roles in between. I have spent years overseeing experiential learning programs including outdoor education, service learning and international travel, and living and working in remote residential outdoor education centres and school campuses.

I have presented to groups of all ages and sizes in both schools and at conferences, and hold several Masters degrees that inform my personal and also professional approach, including a Master of Education, an MBA (Leadership) and a Master of Applied Positive Psychology. I frequently draw upon the wisdom and psychology of Buddhism and on teachings around mindfulness to guide and inform me. 

I’d especially love to talk in schools during the MS readathon, and with groups of young women who may find my story and journey particularly motivational.


If you would like to book a talk or presentation please contact me via the Contact page


Over the coming months I will be holding a number of fundraising events.


Please check back here soon.

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