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To raise funds for MS research

It is through extensive research that the medications that are helping to slow disease progression for many of us with MS have emerged, and that one day a cure may be found.

As a woman with MS, this is the most significant aspect of my adventure and my hope is that through your support and donations, we may be able to raise a very substantial $250,000 to donate towards helping the 25,000 Australians currently living with MS, and all those who may one day be diagnosed.


To raise funds for the Forum for the Welfare of Himalayan Children (FWHC)

I believe that any fundraising trip of this nature should also be committed to ensuring a positive in-country impact as well.


The Forum for the Welfare of Himalayan Children (FWHC) was established in Nepal in 1995 with a German NGO, Freundeskreis Nepalhilfe e.V, supporting the Forum since 1996. The FWHC is registered under Nepalese government regulations to carry out all its activities. The FWHC has its own Children’s Village near Pokhara that provides housing and primary and secondary education, a youth hostel in Kathmandu to support students through schooling and higher education, and a program to help support remote Himalayan villages with integral infrastructure development.


To accept the support and assistance of any people or organisations who would like to help

by contributing to trip expenses and/or equipment or help me with planning, preparation and training. An expedition is neither easy cheap, and I find asking for support quite challenging and so was initially intending to just find a way to fund this trip myself (eg take out a pretty hefty loan, and then worry about it later!.


However, I have been encouraged to open up my thinking and graciously allow others to support me, knowing that in doing so, they are helping to raise the profile of my trip, and in turn to raise awareness of MS and hopefully help me to fundraise as much money to help others as possible!


(Please also see my page on Sponsors for more details on this aspect of my fundraising). 

My goal in this grand adventure of mine is to both give my all to realising a personal dream (to climb a really big mountain and be able to call myself a mountaineer!) and to make a positive difference in the lives of others. 


My fundraising is tri-faceted, click here to Donate

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